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Smart, efficient care at your fingertips.

OK2StandUP helps organizations prioritize the care of older adults by alerting caregivers to a senior's intentions to get up and go. This allows the caregiver to mitigate potential falls and injuries efficiently, leading to improvements in health outcomes.

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We provide caregivers reliable alerts to mitigate falls among older adults.



Professional Care

In an effort to maintain quality of care, many organizations increase staffing, however, this solution is increasingly difficult in the wake of the current staffing challenges and falls short of addressing the problem.  OK2StandUP easily integrates into existing workflows to reduce the burden of care on an already short-staffed unit.

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In-Home Care

Over 14 million seniors living at home receive help with their daily activities from hired caregivers. Taking care of elderly frail adults who are prone to trips and falls can be challenging for caregivers. OK2StandUP eases the burden of care through remote monitoring so that caregivers can provide seniors with help before accidents happen. 

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Family & Loved Ones

A major concern for families and loved ones is the physical safety of their older adult family members. As seniors' health declines, it becomes nearly impossible to provide continuous supervision to keep them safe from trips and falls. OK2StandUP is the first artificial intelligence-driven app that solves this challenge through remote monitoring. Smart alerts and insights allow caregivers to easily provide help before it's too late. 

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