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The first and only AI-powered fall mitigation solution

OK2StandUP helps older adults avoid falls through a small, off-the-shelf wearable device and an accompanying smartphone app that alerts caregivers when an older adult is at high risk of falling... before they attempt to stand up.


Welcome to a new era of caregiving

Falls are a major problem among older adults, with serious injuries occurring every 11 seconds. These falls are often seen as an inevitable part of aging, but OK2StandUP believes that they can be avoided. Our solution focuses on identifying physical motions that may lead to a fall and providing early notification to caregivers so that assistance can be provided before it's too late. By doing this, we aim to prevent falls from occurring rather than just detecting them after they happen.


How OK2StandUP Works



Measure Activity

OK2StandUP constantly measures the residents physical movements, not intermittently like other wearable devices. This ensures an unmatched level of real-time monitoring.



Predict Issues

Adult’s activity is analyzed 24/7 using artificial intelligence. Once an issue is detected, timely alerts are sent to the caregiver so they have enough time to provide help.



Receive an Alert

Caregivers get actionable insights and alerts to what they can’t see. Such revolutionary information makes it possible for efficient and effective caregiving. 


With OK2StandUP, caregivers can…



Simplify caregiving to focus on what matters.


Take the guesswork out of caregiving.


Experience peace of mind knowing you CAN prevent falls.

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