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How OK2StandUP Works

Before the older adult tries to stand up, care staff receive smart early notifications so they can reach older adults before it’s too late. Falls can be mitigated by knowing when and if a resident is up and about without assistance.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

How does OK2StandUP work?

OK2StandUP consists of a small physical activity monitor, smart devices to receive and display information. The small monitor continuously measures physical activities of the adult. This information is sent to the adult’s smart device using Bluetooth.  An The artificial intelligence program on the cloud analyzes the data received from the adult’s smart device. This program is the cornerstone of OK2StandUP. It accurately predicts the adult’s intentions of getting up so caregivers can provide timely help. 

You can also watch a video on how OK2StandUP works here:

How accurate is OK2StandUP's alerts?

OK2StandUP is 95% accurate in knowing if and when the older adult has low, medium, and high physical activity levels. This accuracy is based upon 150,000 predictions of activity levels over a 14 night period among five (5) older adults.

Low, Medium, and High levels indicate the chance of falling. Lying in bed or reclined in a chair is considered Low. Sitting in a position that may cause a person to lose balance and fall will show Medium or High. Standing up or on the move indicates High chances of falling.

How do I setup a older adult account on the OK2StandUP mobile app?

Before you get started, make sure you have the Health ID number and the health monitor is on the older adult’s chest.   On the Older Adult’s device, open the mobile app.     Next, create an account for the older adult by pressing the green button. Then, enter the email address and the password that belongs to the older adult. Select the Health ID number that belongs to the older adult. The older adult’s device and the Health Monitor will connect automatically. The older adult is now being monitored.This completes the setup process.

How do I setup a caregiver account on the OK2StandUP mobile app?

Before getting started, you'll need the access code from the older adult. On the older adult's device, go to the Settings menu and select "Give caregiver access". Write this code down, you'll need it later.  Open the app on the Caregiver's device. Create a new caregiver account by pressing the purple button.  Enter the caregiver's email address and password. On the first login, the caregiver will be required to Connect to an adult. Enter the access code. The caregiver and the older adult's devices will automatically connect.  Next, the caregiver has the option of choosing to alert. This applies to all older adults. You're now able to monitor the older adult. This completes the setup process.

How do I start monitoring an older adult?

Here is a quick video on how you can start monitoring an older adult.

How long does the health monitor last?

With proper care and use, the monitor will last 1 year.

When do I put on the health monitor?

You'll need a Health Monitor, Sticker, and the older adult's device such as a tablet or a smart phone. On the back of the health monitor, write down the Health Monitor ID number. On the sticker, peel off side 1 and apply it to the back of the Health Monitor. On the sticker, peel off side 2. Place this side on the left upper-middle chest area of the older adult at an inclined angle as shown. Then gently press the Health Monitor onto the chest. Always make sure that the health monitor is upright.

You can also watch a video on how to put on the health monitor here.

How close does the caregiver have to be to intervene?

For caregivers who are responsible for older adults who take more than 30 seconds to get-up-and-go, they have between 15 to 29 seconds to assist the older adult. However, many older adults who receive care typically take longer than 30 seconds to get-up-and-go. 

Does OK2StandUP detect falls?

OK2StandUP Version 1.0 does not detect falls. 

Does OK2StandUP call for emergency?

OK2StandUP Version 1.0 does not call emergency services. 

My skin is irritated from the monitor sticker. What can I do?
  • We recommend the 3M Cavilon Barrier Cream. It protects sensitive skin from getting irritated. It can be found on websites such as,, and other suppliers on the internet. 
  • Apply the health monitor on the chest at slightly different locations each time it is applied. 
  • Limit the time that the health monitor is worn.
  • If there are signs of skin irritation, discontinue use and consult your doctor for advice.
How do I remove the monitor sticker?
  1. Place monitor on table and peel sticker. Excessive bending of the monitor will cause it to break. Treat it gently.
  2. Use alcohol wipes to clean the monitor. DO NOT USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER.
  3. Store the monitor correctly. Please go to 45 seconds in the video to view the correct orientation.

Do I need internet to use the OK2StandUP mobile app?

Yes. It is important that the mobile app is connected to the internet at all times. This is required because the health monitor data is continuously being analyzed by a software program that runs on the cloud.

Does the OK2StandUP mobile app work with Android, iPhones, and iPads?

Yes. Make sure you have the latest operating system installed on your device.

What alert settings do you recommend for the OK2StandUP mobile app?

We recommend receiving alerts when the older adult chances of falling is High. But it is up to the caregiver to determine what works best for them and the older adult.

How do I control the notifications and alerts on my phone?

All phones have the ability to turn off notifications, alerts, sound, and vibration independent of the mobile app being used. You can control this in your phone’s settings menu. We DO NOT recommend turning off notifications, alerts, sound, and vibration as you may not receive important alerts from the OK2StandUP app.

Please check your phone’s instruction manual to learn more about “notifications”.


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