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According to CMS, 33% of nursing homes in Pennsylvania were rated 3 stars or less in their Quality Measures (QM) scores as of March 1, 2022. Staffing shortages and inefficient workflows poses the greatest challenges to quality care. 

OK2StandUP is the first ever artificial intelligence (AI) solution to prevent falls. 95% accurate in letting you know if and when an adult intends to ambulate unassisted so you can provide timely help.

With OK2StandUP, you can:
  • Quickly view real-time activities of multiple adults with a quick glance of the mobile app.
  • Easily use accurate actionable alerts to know if a resident intends to leave her bed/chair unassisted.
  • Provide timely help before it's too late.
  • Improve staff productivity and efficiency.
Are you interested in seeing how OK2StandUP can help your organization?

OK2StandUP helps organizations increase productivity and optimize workflows to improve their residents' health outcomes by preventing falls. All it takes is a small wearable device and a mobile application.

Fill out your information using the form to the right and download our user guide.

"This is a good device. There is a lot potential." -Robert Zimmerman, M.D. Chief Medical Officer,  Bridges Health Partners, Warrendale, PA

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