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Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. It can lead to a compromise in the quality of personal care and safety of loved ones. It’s impossible to continuously have an eye on an older adult. OK2StandUP is the first ever artificial intelligence (AI) solution to help caregivers gain insights to what they can’t see.

With OK2StandUP, you can:
  • Quickly view real-time activities with a quick glance of the mobile app.
  • Easily use accurate notifications that lets you know if your loved one is about to leave her bed/chair on their own.
  • Provide help before it’s too late.
Want to see how you can use OK2StandUP to keep older adults safe?

OK2StandUP helps ease the burden of care and provides peace of mind. All it takes is a small wearable device and a mobile application.

Fill out your information using the form to the right and download our user guide.

“OK2StandUP is better than the Nest Cam. Small movements didn’t set off an alarm. It let me know when my father-in-law was about to get out of bed.”

-Alex C.

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