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OK2StandUP consists of a small wearable and mobile apps. The wearable continuously measures fine movements of a resident's physical activities. OK2StandUP uses an artificial intelligence (AI) program that has learned over 5 million instances of these movements to accurately know when an adult is about to get up and go. We bring you smart AI-driven actionable alerts to help your care staff efficiently prioritize and provide care that can make a difference.

With OK2StandUP, you can:
  • Remotely monitor multiple residents in real-time using a smartphone.
  • Receive insights to what you can't see: know if and when a resident is about to get up and go.
  • Use smart actionable alerts to keep residents physically safe.
If you're seeking to optimize care, then OK2StandUP can make a difference.

OK2StandUP helps organizations increase productivity through remote monitoring and helps care staff prioritize care to improve the health outcomes of residents. 

Please complete the form on this page. We'll reach out in the order inquiries are received.

OK2StandUP is a patent-pending technology. 



“This is incredible. We can even use it to develop our new residents' care plans."

Janet Wangler,
Director of Nursing, Juniper Village
Forest Hills, PA

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